How long does this take?

Your site will be ready within one week of your start date - awesome huh? Of course that's assuming I've received all of your homework the week prior (check out our reschedule policy below). 

What if I already have a Shopify site?

Many Maker Site clients have an existing store that they've DIY’d –but just need someone to step in and help take it to the next level. 

I’ll first install a fresh theme and then take care of a comprehensive clean-up to help organize all of your pages, products, and collections.

I'll also give suggestions on how to increase sales and add additional features that will make your website more user-friendly.

So what's not included?

A few things aren't included in this package: Shopify fees, theme license (if you select a paid theme), stock images, branding (ie logo design), a collaborative design process (the back and forth stuff that comes with the Custom Site package), training, additional code changes to the theme, bespoke web design. 

Email me if you have something in mind and wonder if it's included!

Will I be able to edit the site myself?

Absolutely! Your theme will include an assortment of settings and customization tools that will allow you to change almost any element on your site - without needing to call in the big guns.

But of course I'm here to help if you need it.

Are the monthly Shopify fees worth it?

A million times over. Shopify takes care of your hosting, security, checkout, payments and much much more. That would really start to add up if you were to seek out those options elsewhere.

  • You never have to worry about your site getting hacked (a common worry with Wordpress)
  • You own your domain and brand (unlike with Etsy)
  • You get a cutting edge platform where all new features are automatically added to your admin (unlike free ecommerce platforms that you have to host on your own)

    Can I scale/grow if I start with this package?

    You bet. The path to taking over the world is all yours! Your new site can be expanded in a variety of ways, but only when you're ready - just reach out to me, or any qualified Shopify Expert for help.

    What is the refund/reschedule policy?

    I require full payment to hold your spot. But if you change your mind just let me know prior to your start date. I'll refund your package minus a cancellation fee. Once I start working there is no refund available however.

    You can also opt to reschedule your project with advance notice. One reschedule is permitted at no cost. Further rescheduling has a fee.

    Any other questions? Email me!