Anna Abramzon Studio

I love projects that allow me to use my 'thinking cap' daily - and Anna's site was certainly one of them

Following a re-brand, she was ready for a shiny new site that made it easier for potential customers to understand what she offers. But life was crazy busy and she had to really trust me to come through for her. I was up to the challenge!

As an artist, Anna creates Ketubahs and other customized products, each offering unique personalization possibilities. We carefully developed a strategy with her product options that allows clients to fine tune their purchase effortlessly. I got to implement a lot of what's called 'conditional logic' - the kind of thing most artists really don't want to have to figure out on their own.


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... thanks to the incredible Stacelynn from @theidealounge. This talented, patient, and thoughtful lady has rocked. my. world this summer and has made the impossible come to fruition! ⁣Seriously, maker friends, if anybody is looking for a Shopify expert developer to help you launch your dream site -- look no further!
— Anna A, Anna Abramzon Studio



A taste of the conditional logic we implemented: