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I love projects that allow me to use my 'thinking cap' daily - and Anna's site was certainly one of them

Following a re-brand, she was ready for a shiny new site that made it easier for potential customers to understand what she offers. But life was crazy busy and she had to really trust me to come through for her. I was up to the challenge!

As an artist, Anna creates Ketubahs and other customized products, each offering unique personalization possibilities. We carefully developed a strategy with her product options that allows clients to fine tune their purchase effortlessly. I got to implement a lot of what's called 'conditional logic' - the kind of thing most artists really don't want to have to figure out on their own.

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I would write Stacelynn 10 reviews if I could. She is that rare combination of expertise, a high taste level, and amazingly personal customer service. Like many small business owners, I went into my new website project not knowing exactly what I needed. She was incredibly intuitive and thoughtful in how she approached my project. With minimal input from me, she put together a first draft that was excellent. Then we worked together to go over every detail to make sure my website was logical, user-friendly, intuitive and organized. Not only is she an expert on website technology, but she also has a really strong understanding of the logic of e-commerce. She knows how to guide a customer through the decision-making and checkout process in a way that makes it easy while utilizing every upsell opportunity. Stacelynn is thoughtful, kind, detail-oriented, punctual, endlessly patient and just an all-around pleasure to work with. She has a great eye for aesthetics and is a great designer. I recommend her to everyone who will listen and can't wait to have the opportunity to work with her again. — Anna A, Anna Abramzon Studio




A taste of the conditional logic we implemented: 

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