Little Girls Pearls


Little Girls Pearls is all about creating magic and memories with heirloom worthy custom jewelry. Already established and successful, Julie came to me looking to migrate her site to Shopify as well as incorporate her wishlist of new features and functionality.

In the end we created a robust website that is heavily customized and feature rich, allowing Julie to continue to grow and serve her customers.

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Extensive Customization

Stacelynn is pure gold! Her work is impeccable & there isn't a problem she can't overcome. I am so crazy picky, and she stuck with me the entire journey to a beautiful, functional, and professional website. I needed my old Volusion website moved over to Shopify & she didn't even blink an eye. She moved all of my products over, and they look beautiful. The main issue I had with Shopify was the limit to product choices (dropdowns and such). Stacelynn researched apps to work around the issue and found one that is robust and wonderful.

Out of all of the issues & ideas I threw at her, she never once told me something couldn't be done. I can't recommend her enough. Seriously. She's brilliant at working with small businesses. She is creative and focuses on UX along with beautiful design. The website worked flawlessly from the moment we went live. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. – Julie M - Little Girls Pearls

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