Pippa & Pearl

Suzanne already had a very successful hair accessory business when she realized that her customers could benefit from her broader vision for entire, curated looks. 

We created the Pippa & Pearl website to showcase her ever-growing collection of clothing and accessories, as well as give customers the information they needed to confidently purchase.

Suzanne and her team are now able to update products, add their own beautiful graphics, and organize collections with ease.


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Stacelynn was a dream to work with, she helped me every step of the way. Not only did she provide me with detailed instructions on how to update my own website but took time to answer all of my questions and explain to me what I was doing wrong. This is crucial when learning something new, not just how to fix the problem but to understand how and why something won’t work. She was also great about answering me rather quickly... despite being in different countries. She has great knowledge in the e-commerce industry, in which I valued all of her advice and input regarding the navigation and over-all look of the website. I absolutely loved working with her and will definitely be recommending her to anyone looking for an e-commerce shopify store.
— Suzanne, Pippa & Pearl

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