I discovered ‘the internet’ and started making my first income from it. I built my first website in 1996. I was ridiculously proud of it *cringe*.


I started The Idea Lounge, officially putting my business, design, and marketing experience to work for others


Shopify launched and jumped straight in. Although they were just a small startup in Ottawa back then, a small and loyal group of us could see their potential. Many of us still collaborate to this day!


In order to help other business owners authentically, I thought I should experience ecommerce first hand and created my own skincare line. It was meant to be a small side-project, but it took off, and I was suddenly running it full time.


After commandeering the basement suite in our house for production, and opening a retail store in Vancouver, I knew the business was outgrowing me. I sold the company and returned to client work full time - but now with a valuable appreciation of what it’s like to be on your side of the table!


Shopify launched their Shopify Experts program and invited me to be one of the first to join. I’ve been an ‘officially’ recognized Shopify Expert ever since.


Shopify flew myself and 12 other Experts to their headquarters. I got to meet developers from around the world and participated in some great conversations with the executive team. Shopify permanently closed all of their offices the following year, so I’ll always treasure that trip.


I have now worked with well over 500 amazing shop owners and creative entrepreneurs and continue to learn and grow alongside them all!